I’m an American life scientist who has recently moved to the UK for my first postdoc. I have also joined a lab that is a different discipline than what I studied in graduate school. The combination of new country and new field has made for some interesting life experiences thus far! I’ll probably focus quite a bit on some differences between academic life here in the UK versus the US.

You are more then welcome to contact me if you have any queries or there are any topics you’d like me to write about, particularly with respect to differences in academia in the UK vs US:

FunkDoctorX at gmail dot com

I’m also now on twitter: @FunkDoctorX


  1. Ati says:

    Dear FunkDoctorX

    I am international students that was studying for a PhD in UK for some reasons our collaboration with my former group broke down and now i am writing an MPhil.
    Would you advise me to move to USA?
    and how would you suggest me t contact American Schools? shall I first contact a potential supervisor ?
    Do they recognize the MPhil?
    Thanks a lot,
    Regards, Ati

    • funkdoctorx says:

      Hi there Ati, sorry about the delay in responding, I didn’t see this here.

      Unfortunately as you probably know the application process for applying to US schools has likely already passed (usually it’s in the late fall I think). The process for each school is different, so you should look for programs that you like and individuals that you are interested in working with. I would suggest focusing more on schools than contacting professors, but making contact cannot hurt. You will ultimately be accepted to a program at a school more than an individual lab (which is in contrast to labs in the UK), so being a good fit for the program overall is important. You will also need to take the GRE’s, so study up on your English and quantitative thinking skills!

      The MPhil is recognized, but it won’t cut your time much to get to a PhD, but it may make you more competitive in your applications.

      I hope that helps even thought it’s a little late.

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