CV Quandary: Include Acknowledgments?

Posted: February 6, 2014 in Academia
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I’m always looking for ways to beef up my CV for eventual applications for faculty or other positions, and I’ve been thinking about acknowledgements. In my current lab here in the UK, I’ve brought an atypical skill set that is not typically present given the sort of research that is done. However, it has proven to be quite useful and I’m always happy to lend a hand to a fellow scientist. The work that I do is not typically enough to warrant authorship, but I have received several acknowledgements in various papers for helping out. So now that I’ve actually racked up a few of these, I wonder if it is worthwhile to include in in some way on a CV. A sort of “acknowledgements received” section, indicating my willingness to help my fellow pursuers of glory truth. Or does it look desperate? That I’m trying to reach too much for an edge? Hmmmm….any thoughts out there? What would you think if you saw such a section on a CV whilst on a faculty hiring committee?

  1. Andrew says:

    (Speaking only as a fellow postdoc so take with appropriate grain of salt) Seems desperate – I’ve never seen anything like that on anyone’s CV. Maybe something for your advisor to mention in a reference letter instead.

  2. funkdoctorx says:

    Thanks…that’s a good idea, mentioning it in a reference letter; didn’t think of that.


  3. Naswar Khan says:

    You are stupid and idiot, If so you also mention you have strong muscular arms and you do a lot of work and soso. I am also thinking to be idiot to include such acknowledgements in my CV as there is no any achievement in my credit till now, if possible i include some other parameters like my blood cholesterol, BP and sugar level which are within normal range!

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