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Apparently after being a postdoc for just about 2 years I’m distinguished enough to be invited to speak at an eminent international conference….unfortunately the conference is a “BIT Life Science World Congress” based in China. I’m particularly enamored by the fact that at last years BIT world congress there were 200 speakers, 100 posters and 300+ participants…I think you can do the math.

I also love the line in the follow-up email I was sent after I didn’t respond to the initial email: “Maybe there some problems with my mailbox and I haven’t received your kindly reply yet”…..hmmm, yea, seems like they think I’m British!

Oh yea and: “On behalf of the organizing committee, we cordially invite you to deliver a brilliant speech”…but don’t you dare deliver a lame ass speech, that shit will get you thrown in jail!