A CV Quandry – posters

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m looking to update my CV for the first time in about a year and a half, as I’m entering the last 16 months of my contract here in the UK and need to start gearing up for a stateside job search. Whilst I was looking it over (and it’s a damn fine looking CV may I say! it’s good to have a wife who is a graphic designer! But I don’t know how to update it since she made it in Adobe InDesign :/) I was thinking about the utility of having the “Poster Presentation” section. It’s quite long, like 2-3 pages worth, but does anyone really give a rats ass? 

So any thoughts out there in the world wide web? Is a long poster section just a bunch of “fluff” that is seen as padding that makes it look like one is trying too hard? Or is it important to demonstrate that one likes to get out there and promote your shitte? Or does it not really matter because all people look at on a CV is pedigree, publications and the pedigree of the publications and I could put a naked picture of Margaret Thatcher on there and they wouldn’t notice?

  1. I only put up my 5 most recent poster presentations (or ones they’ll care about), and then have a disclaimer saying “X extra posters as first author, Y as second+ author. Full list available upon request.” Might depend on the job though – academic jobs might want or expect that level of detail.

  2. funkdoctorx says:

    Thanks, that’s an interesting idea. I probably should have clarified, I plan on applying to academic jobs as opposed to industry jobs at the moment. I hate to think of how I would have to alter up the ole’ CV for industry job applications…I guess it would probably be more like a traditional 1 page resume…

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