If I lived in the arctic circle, I would work 24hrs a day

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Life in the UK

I’ve never lived at a latitude as far north as, well, all of the UK. With the summer solstice approaching and the days growing longer than I’ve experienced for most of my 30 years of existence, I find myself working later into the day with more energy. For example, today I was just keepin’ on keepin’ on, gettin’ my research on like LL Cool J mackin’ on broads, and before I knew it I was sharing the communal lab space with just the middle eastern fellow in the neighboring lab (aahh, working in a European lab). Then I glanced at the clock and my eyes bugged out when I saw it was 7:30 already! Hot damn, I wasn’t even tired. Even had enough energy to pound out an abstract for an upcoming meeting my adviser has been hounding me about (for no reason, the damn thing isn’t due for another week or so) before leaving at 8.

Then I realized, that pang of guilt I feel when leaving the lab “early” at 5:30 on some days over the past couple of months is because of how damn light it is outside. There’s something unsettling about leaving work when it looks like noon outside. It’s funny how we entrain ourselves to our native light-dark cycle.

The thought then occurred to me, if I lived in the arctic circle right now I’d probably work 24hrs straight before noticing. Weird….


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