What do you think, FDX?

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Academia

Alright, I know it’s kinda’ lame, but I got my first (and hopefully not last!) request to review a manuscript solo! And it’s in a decent society level journal too!

Was exhausted in the lab today (got back to the flat at 1 o’clock this morning after a four day weekend in Switzerland…) but found this little gem of a request in the inbox of my graduate school account. Probably just my grad adviser saying “well I don’t feel like doing it, why don’t you ask this chump”. Nonetheless, it’s pretty damn cool to be reviewing on my own for the first time. I’m sure it’ll become old hat at some point, but it’s a nice rush knowing someone values my opinion (and gets another line on the ole’ CV).


Now, the only question is, which fine ale do I enjoy while reading the manuscript…decisions…decisions….

  1. Don’t spend forever on the review, as first timers are wont to do. Just get it done and move on.

  2. funkdoctorx says:

    Thanks for the advice…I do feel a need to be really careful since this is my first time but will try not to overdo it!

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