Frothy Fridays: Cheers to afternoon baseball!

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Life in the UK

Today’s post is brought to you by my new top beer here in the UK, Laverstoke Park Farm’s organic real ale:

Finest Ale in Britain...thus far

Don’t mind the ridiculous looking picture on the front of the bottle…this is a real pale ale folks, so certified by CAMRA (Yes, the British have an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting real ales….truly a country after my own heart). Only one way to describe this ale, delicious. If you pour it fast you get a nice full-bodied ale with many subtle flavors that dance across your palette. If you pour it slow you get an easier drinkin’ crisp, clean ale. It’s like the transformer of beers…now if I can only find it on draught somewhere…

So this post is to say “Cheers to afternoon baseball”. When I was in graduate school I would look forward to afternoon baseball because it meant I could listen to it on the radio while my hands did the pipetting. Nothin’ like idiot proofing an experiment and kickin’ it into auto-mode while listening to the announcers paint me a vivid afternoon. Now I rejoice when there is a 1pm game because it means I can make it home in time to catch my favorite players spitting tobacco, scratching their crotch and smacking homers. Gotta love baseball. And nothin’ like enjoyin’ the national pastime with a fine, fine ale.

So cheers to afternoon baseball in the UK!

Oh, and happy Canada day to my Canuck friends out there.


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