Posted: May 11, 2011 in Life in the UK

I have to say, one of my absolute favorite bits of British English is the use of the word “Cheers!”. They say it kind of like you would just say “thanks”, like for holding the door for someone, or just doing something nice. It’s as if every little moment in life is an excuse to sit down and enjoy a pint at the pub. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that! I’m still working on when is the appropriate time to say it, but it has been slowly creeping into my vocabulary as I get the nuances of its use down.

This brings me to one of my other favorite aspects of life in the UK…the beer. The beer here is absolutely amazing. Before coming over here I had the misplaced notion that the US was catching up with UK in terms of beer, what with all the micro and medium size breweries. Hot damn, was I wrong. The US is still light years behind the fine ales that can be found at many a pub here. Not only that, at just about every supermarket and off-license (that’s a funny way of saying liquor store, still don’t quite get it) you can buy single pint-sized bottles of beer from all over the UK. Many times they have a nice variety (10-15 different ales to choose from) that change throughout the year. This is a country after my own beer loving heart!

So keep an eye out for a new addition to the blog I’m going to call “Frothy Fridays” (unless someone comes up with a better name…any suggestions?) that will feature some of the aromatic ales that grace this fine kingdom.


  1. I learned to appreciate beer during my year abroad in the UK. I really liked one called, I think, Bats in the Belfry, it’s brewed in the northern Midlands if my memory serves me correctly.


    • Dr Becca says:

      The summer before grad school I spent a few months traveling in Australia, and I picked up “cheers” (as a “thanks” alternative) from all the UK backpackers I hung out with. When I got back to the states it slipped out once or twice, and my American friends were always like, “Did you just say ‘CHEERS’??!!?!!!!!” as if it were the craziest thing. There are some things that just sound better with a British accent. And by “some things” I mean “pretty much everything.”

      • funkdoctorx says:

        Yea…I’m wondering how many British words are going to slip out when I go back to the states to visit friends…I’m sure they will let me know when it does!

    • funkdoctorx says:

      Hmm..I haven’t come across that one yet…I’ll keep an eye out for it!

  2. Donalbain says:

    Off license: A place licensed to serve alcohol to be consumed OFF the premises. Contrasted with a pub which will have a license to serve alcohol to be consumed ON the premises.

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